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Door Lock

Door Lock

The door lock is one of the most important items of a house that lets owners inside but strangers outside. The powerful the lock the safer the house.

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Smart Lock

The door lock is one of the most important items of a house that lets owners inside but strangers outside. The powerful the lock the safer the house. This rule is valid not only for houses but also for apartments, commercial stores, offices, depots, and any place with doors. Locking mechanisms have been created in many forms throughout history; from the most primitive locks like woods and iron parts intertwined on a mechanism to the most advanced locks like smart locks.

Today, door locks with keys are commonly used throughout the world. Keys can be found at any ironmongery shops or stores. Each key has a different design for security concerns. Some door lock keys are carved in lines when some are carved in dots; but no matter how they are carved, they fit in their own locking cylinder to position the mechanism in the correct order to open the door. Mechanical locking mechanisms provide acceptable security on many types of doors; however, these locks have some drawbacks.

Drawbacks Of Classical Keys And Locks

Mechanical locks have been serving millions of people for many years, but that does not mean these locks are the best solution for safety. Classical locks can be tampered with easily by sinister people and it takes only seconds to trespass in. Additionally, the picking method can be used to unlock mechanical door lock mechanisms. Keys also have some disadvantages as a part of locking systems. Keys are rigid and are generally made of metal. Therefore, keys have masses. They create weight in bags, purses, or pockets. They can be easily lost; thus, they are generally used with key chains which also have additional masses and weights. A lost key means a lot of trouble both with the possibility of taken by the wrong hands, or the possibility of lacking spare keys.

Alternative Door Lock Systems

Due to the drawbacks mentioned above, today’s technological improvements lead locking systems to switch positions with smart locks. Smart locks are new generation door lock systems that do not need any key to unlock the locking system. Personal identification codes or fingerprints are used to lock or unlock smart locks. There are plenty of smart lock types that are currently ready to use.

ENTR® – Retro Fit Lock

Luxurious and elegant design meets ENTR® – Retro Fit locks which do not need any mechanical key to operate. These systems are highly durable and resistant to have tampered with. ENTR® smart locks can be controlled via Bluetooth with electronic devices.


  • Present mobile connection via Bluetooth devices such as smartphones and tablet computers,
  • Internal cylinder dimension: 35mm up to 78mm (gap 5mm),
  • Automatic door lock mechanism activated by the closure of the door,
  • Wireless communication between locking system components with an internal battery, and wired charger,
  • Notification service about the condition of the lock as locked, unlocked, or low battery level,
  • Fingerprint activation or virtual key creation.


  • Automated locking mechanism,
  • Quick and user-friendly attachment,
  • Front body 150mm x 55mm x 54mm,
  • Operating temperature between -10°C and +50°C,
  • Protected against solid objects which are bigger than 1mm. Furthermore, it has protection from water splashing from all directions, too. (IP44),
  • Transmission frequency: 2.4Gz,
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, 7.4V 2600mAh rechargeable,
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connection between door lock system components,
  • Back up mechanical key slot,
  • LED index to show messages.
  • Remote control,
  • Fingerprint reader or touchpad reader options.

Assure Smart Lock

A new approach to locking systems is provided by Assure smart locks. Assure smart locks notify the user with a built-in alert system about left-open or unlocked doors. The lock system can be controlled remotely.


  • Controllable with smartphone applications,
  • Alert system for unlocked or left-open doors,
  • Automatic locking and unlocking system,
  • Permissible guest entrance,
  • User-friendly control and accessibility.


  • Touchscreen keypad with illuminated background,
  • Keyless operations and one-touch locking ability on the door lock model,
  • Sound alerts,
  • BHMA Grade 2 Certified Deadbolt,
  • Resistance to weather conditions.

Smart Mortice Locks

Another stylish smart lock is provided with smart Mortice locks. Smart Mortice locks are operated keyless and support fingerprint and security code usage to access through doors.


  • Easy Scan fingerprint access,
  • Sound assistance,
  • Touchpad,
  • Safe handle for emergencies and panic situations,
  • Code manipulation by the random number used with the correct code when exposed to others,
  • Damage/tamper alarm,
  • Notifications about operational issues.


  • Type: DIN type mortise door lock model,
  • Identification: Pin code (6-12 digits) and fingerprint reader (at most for 20 users),
  • Mechanical key: 2 (two),
  • Center distance: 72mm,
  • Backset: 60mm,
  • Door thickness: 40-80mm,
  • Protected against dust particles and water splashes (IP 55),
  • Operating temperature: -15 to +55 °C,
  • Both sides (right and left) usage.

Smart Dead Locks

Smart deadlocks provide similar features as in the other smart locks and are suitable to use on wooden and metal doors.


  • Touchscreen keypad,
  • Supports two types of codes as master and user PIN code,
  • Provides PIN code access as well as mechanical key and RF card,
  • System indications such as low battery indicator for door lock model,
  • Internal battery for emergency power,
  • Safe handle operation for the anti-panic exit.


  • Mortice: single latch,
  • Door thickness: 35-55mm,
  • 4pcs MF1 cards.
  • 3pcs keys,
  • Identification: RF card (up to 30 RF Cards) and PIN code (up to 78 PIN codes),

Rim Locks

Rim locks can be used on internal and external glass, wooden, and metal doors. Rim locks present users with a stylish appearance while providing a secure environment.


  • Access with PIN code and RF card key,
  • Touchpad,
  • Notifications about operational status,
  • Auto-lock ability,
  • Door lock damage/tamper alarm,
  • Alarm for insufficient battery power, and emergency power with an internal battery.

Specific Features:

  • Type: rim lock,
  • ID Information: PIN code (4 to 12 digits) and RF card key (up to 20 users),
  • Backset: 60-90mm,
  • Door thickness: 35-45mm,
  • Dimensions: Front body 19(D)x 65(W)x160(H); Back body 36(D)x158(W)x 85(H)mm,
  • Integration: RF link,
  • Options: extra remote controls & card keys.

Live Smart

New age smart door locks provide a better and safer life for everyone interested in security. Elegant and stylish designs provide a better aesthetical view while durable designs assure extended operation lifetime. Wi-fi and Bluetooth connections ease life with remote control abilities on the door lock. Whether stationed far away from home temporarily or permanently, remote control abilities provide full control on security basics. Smart door locks can be integrated with home alarm systems; therefore, any unlawful act against the home via door locks will be notified immediately through smartphones, tablet computers, or other electronic devices with wi-fi and Bluetooth features.

Almost all the smart door locks store sensitive information to operate; thus, the security of personal sensitive information becomes one of the most important issues to be secured in these lock systems. Sensitive information stored in the door lock unit is both coded and encrypted, on the interior side of the door.